The Friday Cafe


The Friday Café at First Church in Cambridge is a weekly community gathering where homeless and food-insecure neighbors can relax, eat, and socialize with volunteers. Our mission is to bring people together who might not normally have a chance to get to know each other, and the main way we do that is through food—breaking down barriers as we break bread together. We also offer clothing, hygiene items, books, and nap space.


Volunteers are needed to help in the kitchen, serve food, assist at the clothing tables, and spend time with guests. We have 3 shifts: 11:00–2:00 (kitchen), 12:00–2:30 (set-up and opening) and 2:15–5:30 (closing and clean-up). Orientation is included in the shift, and plenty of team support is provided.

In a week that has been like the end of the world in so many ways we can get nourished on many different levels, let our hair down a bit, and just laugh about the most ridiculous nonsensical things. Thank you for reversing the current of a cold uncaring world, albeit briefly!PeteThe Friday Cafe Patron