Cambridge Community Center


In 1929, a group of Black ministers concerned about the health and welfare of children in the Coast neighborhood of Cambridge founded the Cambridge Community Center. In the 89 years since, the Center has initiated many Coast firsts, including the establishment of the first nursery school and the first varsity basketball games open to African Americans. In subsequent decades, the Center has hosted HeadStart Program classrooms, the Riverside Health Care Facility, and a wide variety of community, political, and social events. Today, our mission is to promote community cooperation and unity and empower youth, individuals, and families.


Work with Children
We are looking for volunteers to lead weekly hour-long workshops, such as martial arts, gardening, graphic design, or a gaming club! What are you good at? Let us know!

Cambridge Winter Farmers Market and The Coast Kitchen
CWFM runs every Saturday from January to April. The Coast Kitchen is a free monthly community meal program. It runs every third Friday of the month.

Clean-up/Maintenance Work
Our old building always needs general indoor and outdoor maintenance work.

Large Groups
We can accommodate large groups for big projects such as building maintenance, painting, landscaping, canvasing, and more.

Board Service and Fundraising
We are always interested in recruiting active, community-minded individuals to serve on our board of directors.

We work day-in and day-out to do everything we can to help alleviate the symptoms of racial and economic inequality in Cambridge.Darin KorteExecutive Director