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On George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

On the third Monday of every year, Many Helping Hands 365 organizes a city-wide community service event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, his work, and his dream of living in a more socially and racially just society. While we recognize and value the role community service can play in helping heal racial and other social disparities, we believe that the only way we can achieve the world envisioned by Dr. King is if we commit to the fight, not just by lifting up our community, but by evaluating ourselves, our actions, and the ways we think, every single day.

With that being said, we cannot ignore the events that have taken place in the past week. On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed black man in Minneapolis, was murdered by now-former police officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd’s neck while he was handcuffed and faced-down, for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Floyd had been accused of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Floyd was by no means the first black person to die from a hate-crime disguised as law enforcement. His tragic death followed that of countless other black and P.O.C. victims, all whom should be alive today.

We’ve created this page both in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and protesters and in our pursuit to be the best allies we can be. It includes a mini-resource guide that has been curated from deep and thoughtful lists of resources – our hope is to share the work of others through new networks and to inspire more people to take action. We must remember that George Floyd is far from the first – and likely not the last – to fall as a victim to the institutionalized and systemic racism that still plagues our communities and our country. As allies, our commitments are not just to the protests of 2020 but to strive to create racial equity and social justice, each and every day.

Please visit our Racial Justice Resources for more resources on anti-racism and to commit to this long-term fight.

Mapping Police Violence (website)

“A Decade of Watching Black People Die” (podcast) – Code Switch

“A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 ‘Fed Up’-rising” by Michael Harriot

“Abolish the Police. Instead, Let’s Have Full Social, Economic, and Political Equality.” by Mychal Denzel Smith

“Abolish the police? Organizers say it’s less crazy than it sounds.”  by Maya Dukmasova

“Alternatives to the Police” by Evan Dent, Molly Korab, and Farid Rener

“Call It What It Is: Anti-Blackness” by kihana miraya rose

“Calling Someone Other Than the Cops” by Conor Friedersdorf

“Feeling for the Edge of your Imagination: finding ways not to call the police” (tumblr) ImagineAlternatives

“George Floyd Protests: A Timeline” by Derrick Bryson Taylor

“Summer Heat” by Mariame Kaba

“The Case for Delegitimizing the Police” by William C. Anderson

“The Myth of Police Reform” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

“The racist roots of American policing: From slave patrols to traffic stops” by Connie Hassett-Walker

“This rage isn’t just for George Floyd. It’s for every victim of the police like him.” by The Washington Post Editorial Board

Thread for those who are being radicalized at this moment (tweet) – @thebryreed

Thread of black documentaries on racism, prejudice, and police brutality (tweet) – @FILMSHAWTY

“Tips for Self-Care: When Police Brutality Has You Questioning Humanity and Social Media Is Enough” by Dr. Imani J. Walker

“‘Unarmed Black Man’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means” by Kelly McBride

“Where is the outrage for Breonna Taylor?” by Renee Nishawn Scott

“Why Teaching Black Lives Matter Matters | Part I” by Jamilah Pitts

“6 Ways Asian Americans Can Tackle Anti-Black Racism in Their Families” by Kim Tran

“8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody” by Evan HillAinara TiefenthälerChristiaan TriebertDrew JordanHaley Willis and 

“11 Things You Can Do To Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence” by Lincoln Anthony Blades

“20+ Allyship Actions for Asians to Show Up for the Black Community Right Now” by Michelle Kim

Foreword: Do not donate your money to Shaun King

A thread on Shaun King (tweet) – @AngryBlackLady (Imani Gandy)

“On Shaun King” by DeRay Mckesson

“Shaun King Keeps Raising Money, and Questions About Where It Goes” by Kali Holoway

To the Victims: 

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund


I Run with Maud

In Memory of Tony McDade

Justice for Regis Korchinski

Justice for Dion Johnson

Rest In Peace Aaron James Sutton

Justice for Said Joquin

Peace and Healing for Darnella

For James Scurlock’s Family

Love and Support for Leslie

Brad Levi Ayala

To Protesters and Bail Funds:

Massachusetts Bail Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund (please note that Minnesota Freedom Fund is now redirecting donations to other funds)

The Bail Project

Louisville Bail Fund

List of Bail Funds for Protestors across the Country

Split a donation between 40 community bail funds

Gas Mask Fund (tweet) – @Isakdouah

Raising Money for Supplies for DC Protesters



Black Lives Matter Fund

Black Visions Collective

Campaign Zero

Color of Change

Equal Justice Initiative

Movement 4 Black Lives Five Year Plan

NAACP Covid-19 Relief Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

NAACP #WeAreDoneDying Campaign

National Black Food & Justice Alliance

Racial Justice Network

Reclaim the Block

Rebuild the Block

She Safe, We Safe Campaign

Southern Center for Human Rights

Support the #SayHerName Campaign

TGI Justice

The Audre Lorde Project

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute

The Okra Project

TransWomen of Color Collective

Working Families Party

Other Lists of Funds:

May/June MN Bail Fund and Support List (updated as often as possible)


Places to donate – blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

To Black Owned Businesses – blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

Petitions for Victims:

Justice for George Floyd

Raise the Degree – Petition to raise the degree of Derek Chauvin’s charge to first degree murder

Charge All Four Officers – Petition to charge all officers involved in George Floyd’s murder

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Fight for Bre

Justice for Tony McDade

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Petitions to Law Makers:


Pass Georgia Hate Crime Bill – Petition seeking the Georgia State Legislature pass House Bill 426 relating to Hate Crimes


Mandatory Life Sentence for Police Brutality

Hands Up Act – Petition to introduce legislation mandating 15-year sentence for police officers that shoot unarmed citizens


Fire Racist Criminal Michael J Reynolds from the NYPD

more petitions

Resources for Accountability and Actions for Black Lives

Text or Call – blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

“26 Ways To Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets” by Piper Anderson, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Ejeris Dixon, Ro Garrido, Emi Kane, Bhavana Nancherla, Deesha Narichania, Sabelo Narasimhan, Amir Rabiyah, and Meejin Richart

Protesting During a Pandemic:

“If You’re Going Out To Protest During The Pandemic, Be Careful Of The Coronavirus Risk” by Jane Lytvynenko

“Protest Safety: How to Protest During the Coronavirus Pandemic” by Elly Belle

“You attended a protest during a pandemic. Now what?” by Tia Ghose

Know Your Rights/Protect Your Data:

Protesters’ Rights – ACLU

Your right to protest – Protest Resilience Toolkit

Do No Harm: Photographing Police Brutality Protests – Authority Collective

A Guide to Data Protection for Protest and Rebellion

“How to Safely and Ethically Film Police Misconduct” by Palika Makam

Safety Tools:

Facts About Riot Control Agents Interim document – CDC

“What to do if you’re exposed to tear gas” by Sandra Gutierrez

Riot Medicine

How to stop the bleed (video) – UC San Diego Health

Other Resources for Protesters:

Strategies for sustainable protest – Protest Resilience Toolkit

Cop Spotting 101

Protest and Riot Resource Guide by Brittany Ireland

Protesting as a non-citizen (tweet) – @stellarmarg

Pro-Bono Lawyers in Boston:

Articles and Wisdom:

“Bearing Witness: The Death of George Floyd” by Kaitlin Smith

“How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change” by Barack Obama

The path to ending systemic racism in the US TedTalk by Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, Rashad Robinson, Dr. Bernice King and Anthony D. Romero

“What We Want: Black Life Affirmed” by Patrice Cullors

Proposed Laws for Police Reform:

Andrew Kearse Law – Imposes criminal liability for the failure to obtain medical care for a person in custody displaying medical distress. Working to get it passed in New York and across the nation. 

Eric Garner Law – prevents choke hold / seatbelt hold by police. This law has been proposed in New York and we need it nationwide

Stephon Clark Law – this California law prevents police shooting people in the back. It was passed in California and we need it nationwide.

Resource Guides Specific to Anti-Racism:

Addressing Anti-Blackness Within the Vietnamese/Chinese & Asian Community

Anti-Racism for Beginners + White People (resource guide)

Anti-Racism Resources (resource guide) – Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein

Anti-Racist Resource Guide (resource guide)

Antiracist Allyship Starter Pack (resource guide)

Educate yourself (resource guide) – Blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

Justice in June (resource guide) – Bryanna Wallace & Autumn Gupta

Shareable Anti-Racism Resource Guide (resource guide)

Racial Justice Resources – Many Helping Hands 365

Your Kids Aren’t Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup (resource guide)